QRCS launches ‘Little Hearts’ projects to treat and aid children in Indonesia

In joint cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross Society (PMI) and Indonesia’s ministry of health, ‘Little Hearts’ project, an initiative taken by the Qatar Red Cross Society (QRCS) is underway to treat the children with various illness in Indonesia.The goal of this project is to treat 40 children with congenital heart diseases, that includes ventricular septal defects (VSD) and patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). The cost of this total project comes up to $106,560.The project also aims at carrying out catherizations at the National Cardiac Center Harapan Kita (NCCHK) in Jakarta. As of now 15 children aged between one month and eight years have been provided with operations in their heart.In this salient operation, three groups of 16 specialized doctors and consultants are involved in handling the varieties of treatments such pediatric cardiology, diagnostic non-invasive cardiology, and anesthesia.

The ongoing outbreak caused by coronavirus has reduced the speed of operations and treatment in NCCHK. Prior to the projects and treatments that were carried out, Covid-19 screening process has to be finalized. With an aim to decline the spread of the deadly virus, NCCK has taken enough actions and efforts like tightening the Covid-19 protocols, re-disinfected the areas, offered self-swab tests for both the patients and the health workers.During the inauguration ceremony of this launched project, PMI Secretary-General, and team members of this project took part and praised the efforts, which was rarely implemented in Indonesia, where there is an upsurge in the numbers of congenital heart diseases. On an average basis, nine out of 1,000 born-alive infants have CHD, totalling up to 40,000 babies.As the new initiative namely ‘Little Heart’, recognised to be the first project to begin in Indonesia is underway, the focus on deriving a successful outcome will be key to its operations. It is also a part of the Medical Convoys program, which involves providing treatment for poor patients, performing surgeries in many medical specializations, supplying the host hospitals with surgical equipment and consumables, and training medical professionals in the latest medical advancements.

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