QC provides winter aid to Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Jordan


Qatar Charity (QC) initiates the second stage of the ‘Qatar Relief Convoys’ campaign in Jordan, where basic supplies like food and winter aid was provided to the refugees from Syria, Palestine and Jordanian families in need.

This second phase of the campaign was held in the presence of Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of Qatar to Jordan Mr. Hamad Al Mahmoud and Assistant Secretary-General of the Jordan Charity Organization (JHCO) Mohammed Nasser Al Kilani.

The very first distribution of the aid, focuses on meeting the needs of 1758 refugees and Jordanian Families, and around 9000 individuals. The aids are provided through distributing coupons for food packages, health supplies, blankets and fuel.

The aim of ‘Qatar Relief Convoys’ which comes from QC as part of its ‘Warmth and Peace’ campaign is to know the needs of the 200,000 beneficiaries residing in Jordan over the span of the three-month campaign to issue and make known the humanitarian conditions that came as a result due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this context, HE Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Jordan Sheikh Saud bin Nasser Al-Thani expressed his gratitude towards Qatar Charity, highlighting that the State of Qatar always strives forward in strengthening the humanitarian cooperation with various bodies. He also lauded JHCO and Jordan government’s endeavouring efforts in enabling Qatar Charity to provide and distribute the much needed supplies to the refugees and poor families in Jordan.

With the help of Qatar Charity, Assistant Secretary-General of the JHCO Mohammed Nasser Al Kilani stated that they are carrying out to execute more projects for the families in need, as well as for the Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Jordan and these aids are assured to bring an effective outcome in the lives of the beneficiaries.

The moral humanitarianism nature of the people in Qatar was picturised throughout the relief, when the essential commodities were distributed by ‘Qatar Relief Convoys’, especially to supply the needs for the families and refugees suffering from the cold climate.

It is also worth mentioning that the winter aids like blankets were produced by the refugees and were given to the people in need. This was done by the generous projects and income from QC in Jordan and is motivating to raise the standards of lives and make a living.

This project, which was successful over the period of time, aims in providing 200 convoys to the much affected or needed Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, along with other internally displaced Syrians, until March 10. The goal of the project ultimately is to distribute aids worth QR 20 million ($ 6 million) to over 120,000 refugees and displaced persons.

Since the displaced and refugees continue to live in tough circumstances due the worsened atmosphere and cold climate, QC has requested the benefactors in Qatar to extend their much valuable aid to ‘Qatar Relief Convoys’ and maximising the number of beneficiary refugees, which is expected to protect and keep the refugees and displaced individuals and families warm by providing them adequate essentialities.

Donations can be made through Qatar Charity’s collection points, branches, website, and by app, in addition to dialing 44667711 or requesting a ‘home collector’ across the country.

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