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Photographer Was Hired To Capture Proposal On Cliff, But Ended Up Snapping A Different Couple By Mistake

Wedding photography does not just include the photos of the ceremony, the reception and the preparation before the event. It also includes taking pictures of the proposal, the prenup shoot, and the big day itself.

This is why the wedding photographers are in so much demand.

Photographer Jacob Peters was hired to capture a man’s proposal to his girlfriend, which would happen at a peak of a hiking trail.

He snapped the couple’s proposal, sadly, it was the wrong couple. Another couple had the same idea and he didn’t know.

He took a hike in the Hawbill Craig trail in Wisconsin before sunrise and agreed to meet the couple who called earlier for his services.

However, when he reached the place there was no phone signal so he decided to just wait for them.

He finally saw a couple on the peak at 6:17 am and waited till he saw the guy pull out a ring and kneel in front of the woman.

Jacob then saw the woman cry and hug her man.

He took pictures of the whole thing.

He packed his stuff and went down the hill. When he finally got signal, he texted his client and told them that he shot some beautiful pictures.

He received a reply:

“I’m confused, we never saw you and we got there a little late, are you sure it was us?”

So basically, Jacob spent $40 on gas, food and six and a half hours on the whole venture to shoot around 450 photos, only to take pictures of the wrong couple.

But he decided to turn to Facebook to find this couple and give them the pictures. He successfully found them and gave it to them .

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