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Man sentenced to death for murdering two people

A man has been sentenced to death penalty for murdering his female friend’s brother and the latter’s relative.

The sister of the victim has also been sentenced to 22 years in prison for inciting the accused and helping him to commit the two murders.

Investigation report suggests that the accused with plotting and executing the murder in connivance with the deceased victim’s sister.

The two accused had allegedly met in a public hospital where the male accomplice worked and developed an intimate illicit relationship later on.

The teenage accused female hatched a conspiracy along with her co-accused friend to get rid of her brother, who for her, was a “hurdle” in their relationship.

The latter lured the victim into a nearby region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia using a fake name and on the pretext of having a piece of land that belonged to the victim’s father, as reported by Gulf Times.

After the victim along with his relative, went to meet the accused, the latter shot both of them and fled away.

He was later arrested by the Saudi Police as he had left his shoes and cell phone on the crime spot.


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