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20 Future Inventions Everyone’s Been Waiting For

In this world, there are thousands of inventors, who have come up with often useful but mostly intriguing inventions to help make things a little less complicated. Here is a selection of 20 such inventions, which you might not immediately recognize but that will surely make you wish they already …

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10 Ancient Artifacts Of Human Existence

These ancient artifacts ranges from shoes, socks documents and instruments were discovered by scientists, researchers and archaeologists from all over the world. Through intense studies, these artifacts from the past tell us fascinating stories about their owners and how man live during those times. Take your time to enjoy and …

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There Are Only Two Types of Girls In This World

In this world every individual is different from the other in one way or the other, but today we’re gonna focus on girls and how different they can be. Sometimes their differences would be appreciated, but at some point, it’s just becomes too much. One might be busy getting the …

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Ray Kurzweil Says This Is How Our World Will Change By 2099

According to a futurologist, Ray Kurzweil, whose prophecies in 86% cases are precise is now predicting that our world will get fully changed by 2099. Ray Kurzweil is a famous inventor, author, and a futurologist. He is also famous for his scientific forecasts. He is also employed by the Google to …

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