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Finally, Women Can Now Drive In Saudi Arabia

Women in Saudi Arabia can rejoice now as they will now be allowed to drive in the country. King Salman issued an order on September 26th to allow women to drive cars on public roads. The historical decision strips the nation from the tag of being the only nation in …

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A Massage Therapist Reveals Dirty Secrets On His Job

A massage therapist recounts bizarre encounters and clients that he has to deal with and those experiences in this confession: She is naked beneath the sheet, lying face down. I feel a little bit powerful, because she cannot see me. With no eyes on me, I am invisible. As my …

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12 Signs That Prove She’s Crazy About You

We all know that sometimes “No” means “Yes”, but at other times “No” can mean “No” or even “Maybe”. Girls can make any man confused! However, in order to understand them correctly, you need to pay attention to the nonverbal signs that reveal their true intentions. Take a look: #1. Her pupils get wider every time she …

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Saudi Arabia In Support Of Women Rights

In the last few days, Saudi Arabia approved four decisions in support of women rights, The decisions are on the side of Minors, Divorcees, Law Graduates who have not worked due to male lawyers and the Women who have custody of their children. Regarding the marriage of minors, Saudi Arabia’s …

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