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10 Weird Things You Didn’t Know Your Body Could Do

The human body is perhaps the greatest example of the remarkable wonders of the world. Our body is so lively and unique. The synchrony of something as small as a chemical, like acetylcholine, and something so large, like our tissues, to work together, is a marvel in itself. Every second …

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16 WTF Photos You’ll Want To Unsee Immediately

Our world is a big Magic Eye Book. When you start looking things closely, you will start seeing the objects and its hidden shapes in other normal things. There are a few photos which look so weird. After seeing it you will just want to erase it from your mind. …

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12 Weirdest Japanese Game Shows That Actually Exist

Japanese Game Shows are known for their weirdness, bizarre nature, and for being off the limits. These game shows often put the participating contestants in staggeringly humiliating situations. They can be funny, they can be brutally disgusting, these game shows embrace weirdness to the full extent. Here are 12 of …

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12 Things That are banned for the weirdest reasons!

Different countries have different cultures. This means some things have a way different meaning to it in other parts of the world. But definitely some of these items on the list are so strange you’ll wonder if these governments were high on something! HERE ARE 10 STRANGE THINGS BANNED AROUND …

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These Confessions Of People Who Slept With The Same Guy Are Really Weird.

Some might wonder how can one talk about such things as it sounds awkward but that is just another thing for today’s generation, at least for majority of them. Though, it sounds weird, some of the confessions are really hilarious. In fact some people proudly talk about it and declare …

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