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US Urges Its Citizens To ‘Consider The Risks’ Before Travelling To Saudi Arabia

The US State Department has warned its citizens to ‘consider the risks’ when travelling to Saudi Arabia due to the existing militant threats and the threat of ballistic missile attacks on civilians by rebels in Yemen. The warning comes after a ballistic missile was shot towards the Saudi capital Riyadh. …

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Saudi’s Crown Prince Urges Palestinian President To Back Trump’s Deal

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) has told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to back Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian peace deal or resign. According to reports, Abbas was given an ultimatum when he visited Riyadh for a meeting with MBS, days after US Presidential adviser Jared Kushner made an unannounced visit …

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US Urging All Parties To End The Crisis

Qatar’s Deputy PM and Foreign Minister HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said that US is backing to resolve the crisis. “The Trump administration is encouraging all sides to end the dispute and has offered to host talks at the Camp David presidential retreat, but only Qatar has agreed …

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US Officials Express Concerns Over Saudi Crown Prince’s Shocking Moves

US officials have been alarmed by the reckless behaviour of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). An unnamed State department official said that the behaviour of young leader ‘has the potential to damage US interests’. MBS has made a rapid progress in the political ladder in spite of being …

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Saudi Arabia’s Highly Anticipated Moves Falling Flat

Saudi Arabia’s dramatic moves to counter Iran in the region has backfired, triggering regional tensions and setting off a spiral reactions that seem to have caught the kingdom off guard. Now Saudi is trying to walk back its escalation in Lebanon and Yemen. The kingdom announced that Saudi backed coalition …

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US Stronly Committed To Qatar’s Relationship

US is deeply committed to its ties with Qatar on a range of issues, including the military co-operation, trade and investment, education and strengthening workers’ rights, the US embassy’s charge d’affaires William Grant, said on Tuesday. He pointed out that HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani’s reference to …

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Nearly 123,000 US Jobs Relying On Qatar

Qatar Airways directly supports 123,000 US jobs and flies 3.1 million visitors to the US annually. It has pumped an additional $4 billion into the US economy in 2016. The airline revealed in a latest TV commercial and social media campaign. The ad underlines the contribution to the US economy …

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UAE Envoy’s Email Reveals Yet Another Shocking Conspiracy Against Qatar

UAE’s ambassador to the US, Yousef Al Otaiba’s mail has once again been a subject to controversy as the leaked documents exposed a plan of the UAE to wage financial war against Qatar and steal the 2022 World Cup from the country. The reported mail was found in the task …

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Emir Extends Condolences To US President On Texas Victims

Emir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani offered condolences to the US President Donald Trump and to the people of America on the victims of the disturbing incident that occurred inside a church in Texas which left many dead and injured. H H Emir expressed his strong condemnation and denunciation …

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Three Thieves Get Away With More Than 300 iPhone X Smartphones From An Apple Store Near San Francisco

There is already a reported supply gap of iPhone X and these three thieves have just made it worse by stealing more than 300 iPhone X devices worth over $370,000. According to a report, the smartphones were stolen from a UPS truck parked outside a San Francisco Apple Store. The …

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