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Qatar Go Ahead With Gulf Cup Draw Without Boycotting States

Representatives from the Gulf Arab states boycotting Qatar were absent during the draw for a Middle East soccer tournament in Doha and want to postpone the competition. However, the requests of the UAE and Bahrain to postpone the event was rejected by the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation (AGCFF). “The …

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Gulf Media Brings Émigré Qatari Royals Into Spot Light

The Saudi bloc is doing everything to achieve its mission and in their latest attempt, they are using the media to promote two Qatari princes living abroad as able candidates to resolve the crisis. The manner in which these two men are being highlighted as talented decision-makers clearly shows their …

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Somalian Government Ignores Regions’ Stand In Gulf Crisis

Somalia’s government has disapproved its semi-autonomous regions for cutting ties with Qatar and said it was determined to stay neutral in the Gulf dispute. The region of Galmudug expressed its support with the UAE and Saudi Arabia after similar declarations by the regions of Puntland and Hirshabelle. Somalia’s federal government …

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Qatar Enters Into Guinness Book Of World Records

Though Qatar is under an embargo by four Arab states, people in the country are not letting go the small joys and moments as they continue to march ahead with new goals. The talented youth program Sky Climbers decided to have the world’s longest selfie stick. Their 18m-long stick was …

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More Than 100 UAE Firms Move Their Operations To Qatar

In spite of the blockade by four Arab states, Qatar has managed to attract foreign investors and companies to run their business in the country. More than 250 countries have started their operations since the crisis began, with significant number of them moving from the UAE, one of the blockading …

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Tortured Qatari Victims Urge UK Investigate The Abuse By UAE

A lawyer arguing for three Qatari men who have claimed that they were falsely imprisoned and tortured by the UAE, has asked the UK’s Metropolitan police to investigate the allegations. The three men pursuing the case are Mahmoud Abdel Rahman al-Jaidah, Hamad Ali al-Hammadi and Yousef Abdul Samad al-Mulla. Human …

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Gulf Crisis Issue Unfolds At Arab League Meeting In Cairo

Diplomats from Qatar and the four Arab states taking on each other on live TV during Arab League meeting was the latest chapter of the ongoing crisis. It all started with Qatar’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Sultan bin Saad al-Muraikhi’s speech. The minister mentioned Iran as an ‘honourable …

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