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Albania Grants Visa-Free Entry To Qatari Citizens Until Fall

According to reports, it has been decided by the Government of the Republic of Albania to grant visa-free entry to Qatari citizens. The Qataris are exempted from visa requirements for entering and staying in the country for 90 days during the summer season from April 1st to October 31st, 2018. …

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Why The World Has Gone Mad For A Towel Bra?

All women become uncomfortable during summer due to the dreaded sweat situation! During summer, every other time whatever you do your breasts starts sticking to your clothes. Designers have now designed The Ta-Ta Towel that keeps your boob up, so you can hop the sweat. There are know quite a …

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Autumnal Equinox In Qatar At 11.02pm Today

As a result of the autumnal equinox, the length of the day and night will approximately be equal today in Qatar. The Phenomenon will occur at 11.02pm, according to a statement issued by QCH director Dr Mohamed al-Ansari and noted astronomer Dr Beshir Marzouk. “On this day, the length of …

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People Throng To ‘Summer In the City’

The interactive workshops and exciting activities with numerous beach side adventures were the highlights at Doha Festival City this August. The event is popularly known as ‘summer in the city’, it offers unique experience to children at different locations in the mall. Children aged between 4 to12 are allowed to …

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People Throng To Beaches In Spite Of Intense Heat

People in Qatar have started to ignore summer heat and visit beaches and public parks with their families and friends. Meanwhile, the authorities have offered ambulances to meet emergencies. “The beaches are ready for receiving visitors and in view of the rush of public, especially during weekends, we have coordinated …

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Fire Safety Norms Released By Civil Defense

The General Directorate of Civil Defense released some safety tips for public relating to fire safety during the summer. The initiative aims to spread awareness and prevent fire accidents. Make sure the gas cylinder is turned off before leaving the office along with all the electrical devices. Also, close the …

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Lots Of Bus Stops But No Sunshade Causing Commuters To Bear Extreme Heat

The lack of sunshades at some bus stops is forcing commuters to endure the scorching heats. As the sun is beating down even harder this summer, since a number of bus stop platforms in Doha lack sunshades, commuters are forced to wait for bus under the sun in this blistering …

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Cool down with black ice cream in Dubai heat

There are black burgers too! Experimenting with food is part and parcel of the Dubai culinary experience. In recent times, many restaurants around town have experimented with elements such as gold leaf on food. One needs only to look at the 24k ‘Burg Khalifa’ and the Dh37,000 burger from the …

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Maintain your tyres for safety during Summer

While tyres are checked upon the yearly re-registration of vehicles for the wear and tear, drivers must also do regular checks. Traffic authorities in Abu Dhabi has urged motorists to check their vehicle tyres regularly to avoid driving on worn-out ones to prevent crashes during the hot months. Brigadier Khalifa …

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Temperature To Increase From Tomorrow As Winds Change Direction

  These strong ‘Shamal’ winds come from a North-Western direction and are routed into the Arabian Gulf from Turkey and Iraq. The weather conditions in the country are expected to remain mild with slight dust blowing at times. The night is expected to be cooler as temperature will hit a …

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