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Read These 12 Interesting Stories Of Family Life

Family is the only entity in the whole world that will protect you, love you and support you unconditionally. Big or small, love and warmth is what matters. Take a look at these interesting stories: My height is 4′ 9“, and my husband’s — 5′ 1“. My dad is 5′ 9”. Не also happens to have a long beard. …

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Qatari Children’s Literature To Be Given Lift With New Project By QNL

Qatar National Library (QNL), Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) Press, and the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region have launched an initiative entitled ‘Books – Made in Qatar’, as part of the official Qatar Germany 2017 Year of Culture. The dearth Qatari children’s literature is what inspired this workshop, which started with a free …

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After Seeing These Pics You’ll Wonder How Do Teachers Get Through The Day Without Laughing

Children see the world a lot differently than we adults do. It can be made out by their artwork which is a perfect example: where a child is drawing a waterfall or a hand, an adult automatically sees something quite different. Some kid’s imaginary friends are downright terrifying. Makes you …

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11 Cringe Worthy Stories Which Are Obviously Lies

How often do we come across people telling a story that is a pure lie? I mean, you can listen to the first word that comes out of their mouth and decide how much truth is going to come out. Sometimes, it’s also written on their faces that they’re full …

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