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10 Common Signs Of Dehydration

If we were put on an isolated island with fresh water but without any food, we would survive up to eight weeks. The situation changes severely without water, though, and in most cases, a human cannot survive more than 5 days. Without water, our organs start to deteriorate and our …

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12 Signs That Prove She’s Crazy About You

We all know that sometimes “No” means “Yes”, but at other times “No” can mean “No” or even “Maybe”. Girls can make any man confused! However, in order to understand them correctly, you need to pay attention to the nonverbal signs that reveal their true intentions. Take a look: #1. Her pupils get wider every time she …

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Early Diagnosis Of Cancer Can Save Lives

Our bodies need attentive care. Always listen carefully to your body’s methods of communication through signs and symptoms. Early detection of a disease can help us prevent and treat serious health issues such as cancer. The American Cancer Society said that one should not self-diagnose, though we should listen to …

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10 Early Signs Of Dementia You Shouldn’t Miss

Dementia is mental disorder that affects people from going about their daily lives. It hinders routines and even stops a person from maintaining proper physical health. This disorder is common with the older generation and can be frustrating if left undiagnosed for all parties involved with the sufferer. Dementia is …

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7 Signs You're Not Getting Enough Protein

  We need to consume enough protein to keep our body healthy. Protein is an important element in our body. Without it we wouldn’t have muscle to do our daily things. Some people do not consume enough protein and suffer from health issues without being aware of why they are …

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If You Have This On Your Body, It Might Be A Sign Of Cancer

Cancer is a disease that is soon becoming a rising epidemic that is claiming millions of lives every year! In 2016, the United States government estimated 1,685,210 Americans would be diagnosed with it. Some types of cancer do not present any obvious symptoms, but there are other signs you can watch out for. Here …

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