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6 Foods That Are Bad For Your Sex Drive

Having a hard time getting your erotic side on? Maybe you should try consuming aphrodisiacs, which range from the usual oysters to the rare bird’s nest soup. Also, you should stay away from some particular foods that can actually have a negative effect on your libido. You may not know it, but your …

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​​Mia Khalifa Answers Your Most Googled Sex Questions

Google is a place where we can find anything. It’s the complete database of everything you can ever imagine! You’ll find simple recipes like cooking or boiling an egg to socially complex question about s3x life. But being a machine, Google lacks the human sympathetic aspect of analysing things. Google …

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15 Masturbation Jokes That Will Rekindle Your Memories!

According to Urban Dictionary the process in which a man or woman touches themselves on their fun parts to create an amazing sensation similar to $ex. When people make jokes on their jerking off, things just explode with laughter. Here are 15 jokes made by people on masturbation that will …

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11 Things Men Want To Know About Women Breasts

Opposite sex attracts to each other, and it is pretty obvious that we are more interested in knowing about the opposite sex. Men are fascinated by a woman’s breasts in a sexual context. Any man would deny the fact that they secretly admire women’s breasts. There are some questions in …

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Video Offers Sex And Drug Holiday On Colombian Island

A video by brazen offers a sex and drugs holiday on a Colombian island with prostitutes provided. The Good Girls Company created the video which explicitly advertises the trip from 24th to 27th November as a ‘sex island experience’. It starts by advertising the holiday’s more prosaic benefits such as …

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