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US Officials Express Concerns Over Saudi Crown Prince’s Shocking Moves

US officials have been alarmed by the reckless behaviour of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). An unnamed State department official said that the behaviour of young leader ‘has the potential to damage US interests’. MBS has made a rapid progress in the political ladder in spite of being …

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9/11 Commission’s Report About Saudi’s Role In Attacks Is Fabricated: FBI Investigator

FBI agent Stephen K.Moore, who headed a 400 member Los Angeles-based task force on the attacks, said that the 2004 report minimised the role played by Saudi Arabia in planning the attacks. According to Moore, the report comprised statements that attempted to absolve a pair of Saudis living in Southern …

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Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban On Movies

Saudi Arabia has given green signal to cinema houses to screen movies after an agreement among four ministries – Ministry of Interior, SCTA, GCAM and HAIA. Saudi Arabian theatres will be screening movies for the first time since 1980, when the government banned the cinema industry. Ministry of Labour has …

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Saudi Arabia’s Highly Anticipated Moves Falling Flat

Saudi Arabia’s dramatic moves to counter Iran in the region has backfired, triggering regional tensions and setting off a spiral reactions that seem to have caught the kingdom off guard. Now Saudi is trying to walk back its escalation in Lebanon and Yemen. The kingdom announced that Saudi backed coalition …

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Saudi Arabia Gives Official Recognition To Yoga

Fitness lovers in Saudi Arabia can now freely indulge in Yoga as it has been recognised by Saudi Arabia as ‘Halal’. The Saudi Ministry of trade and industry has approved the teaching of yoga and listed it under the sports activities. It will also issue license to those interested to …

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Authorities In Saudi Arabia Arrest 2 Men Dressed As Women

Cross dressing isn’t tolerated in Saudi Arabia and in most of the Other Arab states and anybody indulged in the act are punishable. Recently, police detained two young men who were roaming around in a shopping center in Buraidah. They were dressed as women wearing Abayas. The police were informed …

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Saudi Arabia Introduces Strict Law Against Money Laundering

Money laundering will have detrimental effects on economic, security and social life of people and therefore it is illegal in most of the countries. Saudi Arabia recently introduced a new law, which imposes fine of SR 7 million or imprisonment for 3 to 15 years depending on the case. The …

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Bahrain Pipe Line Blast A Terror Act?

Bahrain has called the recent explosion which caused the fire at its main oil pipeline an act of terrorism. “The incident was an act of sabotage and a dangerous act of terrorism aimed at harming the higher interests of the nation and the safety of the people,” the ministry said …

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How Saudi Crown Prince Eliminated His Opponents

Things were uncertain when Riyadh’s Ritz Carlton issued a notification on November 4, saying “Due to unforeseen booking by local authorities which requires an elevated level of security, we are unable to accommodate guests … until normal operations are restored.” What followed was one of the most lethal crackdown the …

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Saudi Clerics Sent To Sudan For Going Against Ruling Family

Eight Saudi clerics and a few others were arrested a few months ago for opposing the ruling family. The detained people are now in ‘Al Jazeera’ area near Sudanese capital Khartoum. Number of them under house arrest, said General Mohmed Atta Al Mawla, the Head of the National Security and …

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