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Sheikh Mohammed Claims There Are Many Contradictions

“We have maintained contact with all the friendly countries and made clear to them our position. The blockading countries have continued the siege and there is no response from them to any mediation efforts,” Sheikh Mohammed said. He pointed that there were marginal differences, and there was a mechanism for …

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Saudi King Issues New Allowances To Balance Rising Cost Of Living

Saudi King Salman ordered monthly payment of 1000 riyals ($267) to state employees over the next year to help them balance the rising cost of living after the introduction of VAT. The payment of 5000 riyals was also announced to military personnel serving at the front lines with Yemen. The …

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Saudi Cleric Detained For Refusing To Tweet Against Qatar

Prominent Muslim Scholar Salman Al Awda has been detained by Saudi Arabia for the past four months without any charge, according to HRW (Human Rights Watch) statement. He was arrested after refused to comply with an order by Saudi authorities to tweet a specific text to support the blockade against …

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Qatar’s Real Estate Gets A Boost Due To Investment Migration From UAE And Saudi Arabia

The movement of real estate investments from the UAE and Saudi Arabia to Qatar has lifted the real estate sector in the country, according to a report by SAK Holding. “In the eyes of those involved in traditional investments trends, who constitute a large segment of investors and savers, the …

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11 Saudi Princes Arrested For Protest Against Kingdom Measures

Saudi Arabia’s attorney general confirmed that 11 princes were taken into custody for protesting against the measures of government and would be facing a trail after ‘disrupting public peace and order’. According to the Saudi media, the princes were arrested after they assembled outside Qasr al-Hokm, a historical palace in …

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Al Raya Claims Depriving Qataris From Performing Umrah Is A New Chapter In Politicisation Of Religious Rites

Al Raya, a Qatari newspaper has said that Saudi authorities have used religious rites as a political tool amid crisis. The daily noted that Saudi Arabia has continued to take arbitrary measures on the right to freedom of worship and religious practice. It included Qatari pilgrims from entering Saudi Arabia …

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World Champion Slams Saudi Arabia For Excluding Qatari Players

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen criticized Saudi Arabia for issuing visas too late to the Qatari players which made it difficult for the players to participate in the tournament, adding that Saudi Arabia should not be allowed to host this year’s tournament unless every country is part of it. Apart …

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VAT Introduced In UAE And Saudi Arabia, Qatar Still Remains Tax-Free

The Value added Tax (VAT) has been imposed in the UAE and Saudi Arabia based on the agreement signed by the GCC. According to the agreement, VAT is expected to be introduced throughout the GCC nations by the end of 2018. “The implementation of VAT in Qatar depends on several …

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Saudi Arabia Hopeful Of Getting SR35 Billion From First Year’s VAT

The Kingdom is expecting to accumulate SR35 billion after the introduction of VAT. The 5 percent tax will be applicable on a wide range of items, including food, clothes, electronics, petrol, phone, water and electricity bills and hotel reservations. The tax is imposed based on a unified agreement endorsed by …

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Saudi Arabia, UAE To Introduce VAT In 2018

Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which attracted foreign workers with the tax-free lifestyle, is planning to impose a 5 percent tax from next year on most of the goods and services in order to boost revenue, which slumped after oil prices came down three years ago. The VAT will be …

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