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What Does Your Mole Say About Your Personality?

The Chinese Almanac, also known as the Tung Shu, is commonly known as a book of auspicious and inauspicious dates, but there is so much more to the Tung Shu than that. It is a vast mine of information relating to astrology, codes and symbols, derived by the wise sages …

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This Is What Your Blood Type Says About Your Personality!

Your blood group reveals a lot about your personality; bright and dark aspects of your personality. Let’s have a look that what blood types possess which kind of qualities for any person and which blood type is compatible to another. BLOOD TYPE O Type O’s are outgoing, and very social. …

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The Shape Of Your Ears Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

Different kinds of people have different personality traits and people’s personalities are often shaped by their physical attributes. Your body plays a big role in determining the kind of person you are. Each aspect of your body provides a glimpse into your personality and the shape of your ears, too, …

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This Colour Test Will Tell You Your Personality

“That’s pink.” – “No, that’s pink!” This apparent problem is causing a stir for years now, and has even ruined the occasional relationship. If you’re brave enough, you might dare to do this test that will make you realize that color vision really is something quite personal and does in fact vary from individual to individual. Take …

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