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15 Hilarious Photos Of Online Shopping Gone Wrong

Internet has revolutionized the aspect of how we shop. With one click now we buy anything of our choice which will get delivered to our doorstep. In the internet we find everything from hard to find some collectibles to the latest gadgets, as well as the trendiest clothes and shoes, …

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Wokers Fleed When ISIS Gunmen And Cower Under Chairs In CCTV Footage Taken Inside Iran's Parliament During Twin Attacks That Killed 17 People

17 dead and several others wounded when an ISIS gunman stormed Iran’s parliament building in an attack. The horrifying incident has been captured in CCTV footage which showed people running and seeking cover as the gunmen strode through parliament’s halls, firing their weapons and hitting at least one person. Attackers …

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Qatar's Population Reaches 2.7 Million!

Qatar’s population has gone up nearly 0.9% compared to the April figure of 2,675,522. It has touched the 2.7mn mark for the first time, according to information provided by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS) on Thursday. Last month, May 31, 2016, the country had approximately 2,587,000 residents, …

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Eid Charity's 'Food Saving Bank' Feeds 17,000 Workers, 2,900 Families In April

  Over 2,900 needy families and 17,000 workers benefited from the assistance provided by Eid Charity’s ‘Food Saving Bank’ in April, according to The Sheikh Eid Bin Mohammed Al Thani Charitable Association.   The charity has 11 vehicles for collecting food from the donors. People working on the ‘Food Saving …

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Retired Priest: ‘Hell’ Was Invented By The Church To Control People With Fear

This video is of an interview retired Episcopal bishop John Shelby Spong did with Keith Morrison of Dateline NBC back in August of 2006. A partial transcript of the interview can be found beneath the video link: Spong: I don’t think Hell exists. I happen to believe in life after death, …

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Wasta Is Inherent In Qatari Culture.

Wasta translates from Arabic “who you know” and in general is represents one’s clout business or other dealings. Qatar intends to stop its ‘wasta’ culture from business dealings as part of its crackdown on corruption and bribery. According to Robert Musgrove, a leading legal expert, Wasta can be considered a …

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A Game Show In Japan Where Get Hand Jobs While They’re Singing Karaoke!

In Japan you’ll normally see stuff which you won’t find anywhere else. From fashion to manga to pop culture, Japan definitely stands out from the rest. This is a segment from a Japanese erotic variety show hosted by actor/comedian Yoshimi Tokui, challenging male contestants to make it through a karaoke …

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Joyce Tadeo, Hottest And Most Beautiful Uber Driver In Manila

In Manila, Philippines, one Uber driver is gaining more attention compared with others because of her sheer good looks and charming personality. Meet Joyce Tadeo, a lady Uber driver making the rounds in the area to make a living. In a recent feature by FHM Philippines, we learn that Joyce …

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Qatar Population Reaches All-Time High Level

According to the figures released by the Ministry of Development Planning & Statistics (MDPS) the Qatar population has shot up to all-time high level of 2,675,000. The latest population is 0.6% more than the figure (2,659,000) of March 31. The ministry has also informed that compared to the population of …

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