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16 WTF Photos You’ll Want To Unsee Immediately

Our world is a big Magic Eye Book. When you start looking things closely, you will start seeing the objects and its hidden shapes in other normal things. There are a few photos which look so weird. After seeing it you will just want to erase it from your mind. …

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20 Things That That Will Make You Look Twice

Is what we see what it actually is? Sometimes some objects look like something else, creating an illusion; this type of illusion is called pareidolia, and it tricks our brains into perceiving familiar shapes in the strangest of places. Wanna check out a few that might entertain you? Take a look:   1. Now that’s an air …

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Father And Son Cut Open An Old Mannequin And Couldn’t Believe What They Found Inside

What’s Inside? “What’s Inside” is a YouTube channel created by father and son duo Dan and Lincoln. Project It all started with a project for Lincoln’s second grade class to see what was inside different sports balls. YouTube Since then, the two have become YouTube sensations with more than 300 …

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