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Expat Murder’s His Wife’s Lover And Dumps Body on Jeddah Street

An Asian expat killed an Indonesian man after he suspected an affair with his wife. The body was then thrown in the trash in Al-Naeem district of Jeddah. The citizens alerted the police who visited the place and searched for clues. The witnesses informed that the man had a baby …

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Boss Killed By An Expat For Denying Leave

A Pakistani technician has been charged for the murder of an Indian supervisor in Dubai after he denied his request to go on leave. The accused had requested to travel but his application was rejected in August. The worker was frustrated after his boss refused to talk to him when …

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Woman In India Sentenced 30 Years In Jail For Chopping Husband Into Eight Pieces

A court in Haryana, India, sentenced a woman to 30 years in jail for murdering and chopping the body of her husband. The judge sentenced Puja for murdering Baljeet, 38, in April last year in Asanda village in Jhajjar district. However, the court cleared the charges against four other people …

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Top Horrifying Things That Happened At Walmart

Walmart is cesspool of creeps and weirdos for sure but what’s worse is the fact that even more terrible things have happened to the harmless mega store. Here are some of such real instances that are truly horrifying! Drug Deal Gone Bad Goes Down in Walmart Parking Lot A Hartford, …

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