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12 Common Dreams and What They Supposedly Mean

We all know that dreams are the most common phenomenon. There is a perception that Most Common Dreams are a reflection of what all we think of while we are awake. However, according to some theories there is no link between our dreams and the things we do throughout the …

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16 Of The Weirdest Beauty Trends From 2017

Undoubtedly new makeup and beauty trends are an essential part of your life, while some beauty trends just swoop in and steal your hearts, there are some others that are totally unusual. From the glittery boobs to penis eye makeup, here we have got you some extremely ridiculous beauty trends …

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17 Photos Of People On The Happiest Day Of Their Lives

Life is unpredictable as well as full of surprises and shocks, good tidings and bad news, unexpected turns and sudden twists, which once in a while, brings the happiest day in people’s lives. Happiness lies in the eye of the beholder, which one receives either materially or emotionally. Happiness differs …

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12 Things You Won’t Be Able To Stop Staring At

People love such kind of things which make them stop and stare for a while. Such kind of things give your monotonous life a much-needed spin and make you feel alive. If you are going through a dry spell then you are just at the right spot. If these things …

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15 Things Every Single Girl Can Relate To

Being single definitely has its highs and lows. But there’s no doubt that being single is sometimes way better than dating. This may be one of the only times in your life when you can do whatever you want and when you want it. Following are the relatable situations to …

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