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School Teacher Arrested For Kissing The Students

An elementary school teacher was arrested in Houston for kissing students and ‘inappropriate sex*al contact.” Pete Garcia Hernandez, 49, is the man who was accused of indecency. The parents complained that he touched and kissed three girls from first-grade class. But, the man claims that his tongue ‘accidentally’ fell on …

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12 Toilets Filled With Weird, Non-Shitty Things

Everyone uses toilet to poop. But after going through this pictures sometimes that’s not the case. Someone might use it for other purpose. Most of the people can relate to this. If you have pets at home they will use the toilet as a playful things and even sometimes they …

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This Is The Reason Why Olympians Bite Their Medals In Photos

You’ve probably seen a million, billion, gazillion photos of Olympians biting down on their new medals. And it’s not a new phenomenon, either. So why does everyone chomp down on their medal like it’s a stick of beef jerky? The answer is that the photographers pretty much force them to …

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