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21 More Awesome Facts (About Everything)

Thanks to the internet and the age of statistics, we now know more on every subject than ever before. Some of this information is less useful than others. Here are 21 awesome facts about random stuff! 1. Astronomical There are more stars in space than there are grains of sand …

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Two Unique Air Shows With 300 Drones To Be Held At Katara

Due to the National Day Parade in the Doha Corniche, the drone show has been postponed to a day later. As part of Qatar National Day celebrations, 300 drones will take to the sky to put up an exclusive air show on December 17 and 19. The two air shows …

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21 Rare Facts About India You Didn’t Know

India, the name of the country evokes so many images and feelings. You first think of Bollywood; the singing and dancing, the festivals, the crowd, the filth and poverty and many more stereotypical things. But it’s much more than that! Here are 22 rare facts about India that you weren’t …

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Qatar Airways Warns Public Of Fake QA Competition

Qatar Airways has come out and made an announcement rejecting a fake competition going around on social media. It cautioned the public against participating in fraudulent competitions offering Qatar Airways tickets as prize as it might be a ploy to collect a user’s personal information. The airline said that this …

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Photographer Proves That Any Information About You Is Easily Available To Everyone

Is your online privacy pretty tight? Whatever you may think, it’s not really that secure. Google, Faceboook the government all know you through the internet regardless of what your setting indicate. Your communications are being monitored 24X7. You are being manipulated 24X7. You are being tracked 24X7. To quote British …

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