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These Optical Illusions Will Make You Look Twice

Human brain is the most intelligent thing in the world. And it’s not really easy to trick it. Illusion in simple words, it’s the misinterpretation of something, an image or anything as such. These illusions are so mind-blowing that at times people spend hours trying to find what exactly it …

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20 Things That That Will Make You Look Twice

Is what we see what it actually is? Sometimes some objects look like something else, creating an illusion; this type of illusion is called pareidolia, and it tricks our brains into perceiving familiar shapes in the strangest of places. Wanna check out a few that might entertain you? Take a look:   1. Now that’s an air …

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12 Insane Optical Illusions Which Will Trick Your Brain So Hard

There are many optical illusions, both natural and man-made, that can trick your brain… every time. The visual illusions are characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. The information your eyes gather doesn’t match the source in some way, causing a major (awesome) headache. There are three …

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Can You Find Out What’s Hiding In This Picture In Less Than 7 Seconds?

  A vision exam is probably one of the easiest ones you’ll ever take. They say not everyone can figure this visual illusion out, but i did in 10 seconds which obviously makes me a genius. But in all reality, optical illusions are super fun, and I forgot about them …

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