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9 Amazing Human Brain Facts

In the human body brain is the most fascinating organ. Scientists have yet to fathom all its mysteries, so research that emerges on it is still often totally surprising and new. In fact, you’ve probably never heard of these nine new discoveries: 1. The brain is prone to dehydration The …

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15 Unbelievable True Facts About Our Universe!

We humans always seek to find out our significance on this planet. And for the same there are lots of scientific studies and research are going on but despite all those things here we have listed 15 unbelievable facts about the Universe. These amazing facts will make you feel minimal. …

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Are We Living In A Computer Simulation?

Most of the kids grew up playing computer games like The Sims and Sim City, where you got to create and customise families or a massive city. While playing some kids try hard to ensure everyone survived for as long as possible, while others would orchestrate hilarious or downright sinister …

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Pilgrims From Qatar Face Hurdles To Perform Haj

Although not officially states Saudi Arabia has placed hindrance to Qatari pilgrims wanting to perform their annual Haj. Performing the haj is the 5th pillar of Islam and Saudi Arabia has stolen these birth rights from Qatari Muslim by punishing them with numerous travel and booking related restriction unofficially. People …

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China Sells Human Flesh As Beef

China market scandal was revealed on Facebook when bizarre and disturbing photos of skinned human bodies appeared, claiming to be from China. The pictures circulated a rumor that China sold human flesh as meat to Africa. The story came into being after mass were shared photos from the meat factory on …

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