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Ministries Introduce Direct Linking System For Obituary Data

The Ministries of Justice and Health have launched a direct linking system through the government data exchange platform, in order to exchange government data on obituaries, in coordination with the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The service enables the two ministries to exchange information electronically to replace the old system …

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Woman Exposes Poo Taboo With Snapshot Into Her Life

This one disease suffered by at least 115,000 young Brits and millions more worldwide, remains hidden behind closed doors and hidden in the media, partly due to public squeamishness and something known as the ‘poo taboo’. However, Loïs Mills, just your regular sharp-dressing 25-year-old Account Manager at a design agency …

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8 Things That Happen If You Never Saw The Sun

We’re used to taking the Sun for granted. Even on cloudy and rainy days, we know that it’s above us somewhere, and soon we’ll see it again. But do we really know how important it is to our bodies? Here are 8 predictions about what would happen to us if we didn’t get sunlight regularly. Take a look: #1. Heart No sunlight means that our …

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5 Ways To Use Eggs For Hair Loss

So you are suffering from hair loss. You may be lured in by that fancy advertisement telling you that product will work miracles on your scalp. Most shampoos rarely ever deliver what they promise and contain minoxidil, a harsh medicine linked to skin irritation and heart problems. Instead of reaching …

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10 Early Signs Of Dementia You Shouldn’t Miss

Dementia is mental disorder that affects people from going about their daily lives. It hinders routines and even stops a person from maintaining proper physical health. This disorder is common with the older generation and can be frustrating if left undiagnosed for all parties involved with the sufferer. Dementia is …

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7 Benefits Of Having Lemon Water In The Morning

In India drinking a warm glass of lemon water early in the morning is common practice. The reason being this water has too many benefits not to drink it. Drinking water by itself is great but with some lemon juice squeezed in the benefits only double. So, today we are going …

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7 Signs You're Not Getting Enough Protein

  We need to consume enough protein to keep our body healthy. Protein is an important element in our body. Without it we wouldn’t have muscle to do our daily things. Some people do not consume enough protein and suffer from health issues without being aware of why they are …

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7 Lipsticks That Contain The Most Lead

Women endure a lot of things in the name of beauty: Long and sometimes painful beauty shop appointments, “cute” heels that hurt your feet, and now lipstick, which is supposed to enhance your beauty, could be slowly hurting you. Watchdog groups have found that there are a great number of …

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