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14 Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Should Know!

For any girl, beauty doesn’t come naturally. Some got to spend time priming and sharpening so as to urge the proper look that they need. In their own way, every girl is beautiful, but, it’s no secret that there are some who appear as if they pay far more time …

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15 Things Every Single Girl Can Relate To

Being single definitely has its highs and lows. But there’s no doubt that being single is sometimes way better than dating. This may be one of the only times in your life when you can do whatever you want and when you want it. Following are the relatable situations to …

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8 Year Old Bride Dies To Internal injuries On Wedding Night

Though there is an age limit for marriage in most of the countries around the world, a few Muslim countries ignore the age of the girl. A proper age is necessary for not just mental maturity but also physical. However, in this case the age of the girl was never …

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Saudi Father Goes Out Looking For A Girl For His Son. But Ends Up Finding One For Himself

Polygamy is common in Saudi Arabia and there is no dearth of good matches for people to get married multiple times. But, this news is rare. A father recently visited a home to find a good match for his son, but he ended up getting married with the elder sister …

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Disgusting! One-Year-Old Raped By A Man In Front Of His Children

A 33-year-old man allegedly raped a one and a half year in front of his two children.  The incident took place in Delhi, capital of India. The accused has been taken into custody. The little girl had come to the man’s house to plat with his two children, while his …

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