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Qatari Products Starts To Meet The Markets Demands

Qatari products have managed to lock horns with products from around the world in the Qatari market at the right time as Qatar strives for self-sufficiency in food. The crisis has allowed the local products, which has always been in the market, to shine after the closure of borders from …

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Agrico MD Believes Qatar Can Achieve Self-Sufficiency In Food

A local farm in Qatar has come up with a highly sophisticated hypdroponics system which has the ability to produce different types of organic vegetables and fruits to achieve food security in the country. Agrico MD, Nasser Ahmed al-Khalif, said that they had made a lot of modifications in hydroponics …

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5 Differences Between Famous Products You Didn’t Know

Apparently there’s nothing new to be invented in this world anymore. However, they seem to be right since there are so many similar goods on the store shelves, with different brands. These famous brands have been fighting, hit and miss for our attention. Take a look: #1. Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola …

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Foods Photographed In Their Natural Habitat Will Shock You

Our favorite foods like various fruits and vegetables look different while they’re being harvested. The same items in the grocery store look different. Take a look at these photos that will show you how these plants grow: #1. Bananas #2. Pistachios #3. Peanuts #4. Black pepper #5. Cocoa #6. Mango …

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