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Companies From India, Iran And Turkey Willing To Set Up Manufacturing Plants In Qatar

Number of Indian, Turkish and Iranian food companies are planning to set up manufacturing units in Qatar, IFP Qatar General Manager George Ayache said on Tuesday. Ayache said that Qatar has become a prime destination for investment in food industry as the country looks to become self-sufficient. “Qatar wants quality …

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Qatar Sits Pretty At Top In Global Food Security Index

Qatar is at the top of the list in the 2017 Global Food Security Index. The country topped in one of the three main pillars of index, developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and American conglomerate DuPont. Among the 113 countries, Qatar ranked top under the “Affordability” pillar with …

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One Month Old Baby Dies Due To Starvation In Syria

Hundreds of children have lost life due to starvation in Syria as a result of regime change which started from 2011 and 2014. Though, the siege stayed for 3 years, many eastern regions are still suffering from tight blockade. Recently a one month old baby Sahar died in Syria’s Eastern …

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Turkey’s Export Volume To Qatar Goes Up By 84% Post Crisis

Qatar has been relying heavily on Turkey for the food and other essential supplies ever since the crisis broke out, which has in turn boosted Turkey’s export to Doha. The trade volume to Qatar has increased by 84% during the June-August period, compared to the same period in 2016. Turkish …

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Qatar Receive 200 Trucks With Food Products From Turkey

The 200 trucks used the land route from Turkey to Port of Bushehr in Iran and then by sea to Ruwais port in Qatar. The trucks carried milk, fruits, vegetables, grains and other food products. The land route is expected to reduce the transportation costs by 80%, according to the …

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Qatar Food Investments Witness A Growth Of 7.2 Percent

Qatar food investments which stood at $308 million at the end of 2016, making up 0.4 percent of the $82.6-billion manufacturing industry, according to a report released on Sunday. The total investments in the sector grew at a CAGR of 7.2 percent from $218 million in 2012. A total of …

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This Diet will help Treat Piles (Hemorrhoids)

Piles, also known as hemorrhoids, is a painful condition in which the veins in your lower rectum, or anus, get inflamed, leading to severe pain when passing stool. There are two types of piles: internal piles and external piles. Though most people suffer from a single type of piles at …

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7 Foods To Never Eat Before Bedtime

Some people feel sleepy after a meal but that’s not always true. Eating some foods can make people take longer to doze off. Want to know which are causing you trouble sleeping? Read on! Foods To Avoid Before Bedtime: Certain foods take longer to digest and can interfere with your …

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World’s softest kebab' now in Qatar’s Quality Mall

The makers of ‘world’s softest kebab,’ Kakori House, has opened their first outlet in the Middle East at Doha’s Quality Mall, Hilal. “Kakori Kebab, considered the softest kebab in the world and included in Unesco as a heritage kebab, is one of the most sought after delicacy at our restaurant,” …

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Turkey Finds Various Ways To Meet Qatar’s Needs

Qatar, which has been under a blockade by four Arab countries since June, was asked by Turkey to join hands for sustainable food production, according to the Turkish economy minister. Nihat Zeybekci, said that Turkey, instead of sending finished goods to Qatar, could send raw materials, which Qatar could process …

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