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10 Amazing Facts You Don’t Know About The Sahara Desert

According to a recent study published in the scientific journal Science Advances, humans used to occupy the Sahara Desert nearly 8,000 years ago. Today, the Sahara is one of the most hostile environments on planet Earth. It’s extreme climate conditions makes it a challenging place to survive. There are lot …

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Ministry Clears Doubts Regarding Poultry Projects

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment has conformed that all projects will meet environmental requirements and brushed aside doubts regarding the allotment of land for a poultry farm in an arable land. The clarification was much needed after activists raised concerns for shifting a poultry farm project to green land …

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Norway Will No Longer Buy Products That Are Associated With Tropical Deforestation!

There is no doubt that we cannot get by in our lives without wood. This material is used in thousands of products that many people use every day. Unfortunately, a lot of these things, whether they are wood furniture or baked goods with palm oil, are responsible for large-scale tropical deforestation. The most affected are the forests of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, …

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91 Environmental Violations, 63 Notices In March By MME

THE Environmental Protection, Reserves and Wildlife Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) in in March alone has detected 91 environmental violations, served 63 notices, made 13 pledges and executed 112 refund requests for winter camps. The violations under the environmental sector included land degradation, camel grazing, breaching …

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Baladiya Begins Campaign To Educate Workers About Environment

The Rayana campaign was launched by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) in a press conference to educate camp workers about environment and health. The campaign is for those working at sheep farms on how to care for the animal’s health and environment and will be on till February …

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Dad Shuts Down Thirstiest Idiot Asking For Her Daughter’s Number On Facebook

Nowadays with instant messaging and texting you can get a whole host of potential creeps who take stalking to the next level in this new digital environment. The ones that are constantly hitting you up repeatedly, despite not responding back or making it clear that you are not interested. Here’s …

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