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$38bn Spent By Qatar To Stabilize Economy During Gulf Crisis

A rating agency has reported that Qatar spent $38bn to support its economy during the crisis. The blockade has affected the trade, tourism and banking sector to little extent in Qatar. Nearly $30bn has been sucked out of Qatar’s banking system and further withdrawals are expected in the coming days. …

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Qatar’s Economy Stable Despite Gulf Crisis

According to experts, the economy of Qatar is the most resilient in the Middle East and is strong enough to survive the crisis in the region. The four Arab states imposed land, sea and air embargo on Qatar after accusing it of supporting terrorism, but it has not stopped Qatar …

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Top Pakistan pharma companies to set up plants in Qatar

Two top Pakistani pharmaceutical companies, including Martin Dow Pharmaceuticals, are set to open plants to begin manufacturing drugs in Qatar within a year, said the head of a visiting trade delegation from South Asia. A leading drug manufacturing company in Pakistan, Martin Dow, also possesses two plants in France. “We …

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Monetary Expert Believes That Qatar Has Weathered The Storm

A monetary expert said that Qatar has overcome the blockade by Arab states with sound economic policies. “The blockade is an economic war as they wanted to destabilise Qatar financially,” explained Dr Khalid Rashed al-Khater. He spoke at the “2017 Gulf Crisis, Economic, Legal and Political Perspectives,” a symposium organised …

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