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HRW Slams Bahrain For Violation Of Rights

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has released a report of 643 page regarding the crisis in which it has criticized Bahrain for violation of rights. Bahrain has been accused for harassing, intimidating, imprisoning and prosecuting human rights defenders and their relatives on trumped-up charges. “Bahrain’s tolerance for dissent is approaching vanishing …

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Blockading States Face A Reality Check

The leaders of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt were reckless in conflicts against Libya and Yemen and imposed sanctions on Qatar out of nowhere last year. According to a new report released by the independent watchdog organisation, Freedom House’s report, 71 countries suffered net declines in political rights and …

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Kuwait Accepts Qatar’s Offer To Host Gulf Cup

Kuwait has accepted Qatar’s offer to host the 23rd Gulf Cup after lifting of FIFA’s ban. Qatar offered the hosting rights as a gesture of friendship and solidarity. The tournament will begin on December 22. The tournament will go according to the schedule and with the representation of all eight …

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EU Releases A Blacklist, Which Includes UAE And Bahrain

The European Union (EU) released a blacklist of 17 non-EU nations deemed guilty of unfairly offering tax avoidance schemes, the list includes Bahrain and the UAE. EU Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis said that beyond the 17 nations, over 40 more were put on a ‘grey list’ to be monitored until …

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GCC Summit Curtailed

GCC summit was forced to conclude on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, with all the delegates leaving Kuwait after a closed session. Qatari emir was eager to participate in the summit and arrived in Kuwait, but the same interest was not shared by the leaders of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and …

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Kuwait Hopes To Provide A Platform For Negotiation To End Gulf Crisis

Kuwait has confirmed that it will go ahead with GCC summit next month. Apparently, Saudi Arabia has agreed to be a part of the summit including Qatar.  Kuwait has been mediating between the two parties ever since the crisis broke out. “We’ll continue until we reach a happy end to …

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After Bahrain, Now Egypt Imposes Visas On Qatari Citizens

Egypt has decided to impose the need for visas to Qatari citizens, according to its official journal. The decision was approved by the Interior Ministry and Foreign Ministry of Egypt. Earlier, Bahrain had order the visa imposition on visitors from Qatar, according to the country’s official news agency BNA. source

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Bahrain Pipe Line Blast A Terror Act?

Bahrain has called the recent explosion which caused the fire at its main oil pipeline an act of terrorism. “The incident was an act of sabotage and a dangerous act of terrorism aimed at harming the higher interests of the nation and the safety of the people,” the ministry said …

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Gulf States Want Their Nationals Out Of Lebanon

Saudi Arabia has urged its citizens in Lebanon to leave the country immediately in a travel warning issued on Thursday, November 9. The travel warning also asked the nationals not to travel to Lebanon. Meanwhile, other Gulf States like Kuwait, the UAE and Bahrain also asked their national to leave …

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