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This Cat Takes Better Selfies Than You

Manny the cat loves to take selfies, or at least fondle GoPro cameras. According to Instagram user @yoremahm, Manny learned to use the camera by chance when it reached out to touch the camera during a shoot one day. Now, Manny’s selfies have become an Internet sensation. “He is the …

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Horse Trainer Force-Feeds A Goat COCAINE And WHISKEY

This is the outrageous moment when a goat is force-fed cocaine and whiskey. The video, which is shot in poor light and low quality, begins with a group of men speaking to one another in Spanish. One man directs cocaine to the goat’s nose using the bottom of a plastic …

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Villagers Slaughter Gigantic Snake Thinking it Ate an Animal, Turns Out it was Pregnant!

This is a sad tale of a majestic python that was slaughtered because of some suspecting villagers. Villagers are very well aware of their surroundings and the animals that live in it. But sometimes they go by fear and suspicion hence ending an innocent animal’s life and a hundred others …

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