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11 Celebs Who Rule The World With Their Simplicity

Celebs are usually known to be extraordinary, they don’t seem to behave like a commoner. But there are some celebs who prefer the life of an ordinary person even with all the financial possibilities. They deserve all the respect and admiration. Take a look: #1. Coco Chanel Mademoiselle Coco greatly …

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Wonder Woman breaks box office record

Wonder Woman Makes $101.4MILLION Over The Weekend Wonder Woman broke the records in more ways than one. Apparently, the princess of Themyscira will rake in $101.4million for the opening weekend, which makes it one of the biggest openings for a superhero origin movie. It will also make it the highest-grossing …

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This Is Why Celebrities Wear Shoes That Are Too Big for Them

If you look at red carpet looks on women celebrities you will notice that they always wear shoes a size bigger for their feet! Is this a trend or is there any beneficial reason for this habit? We find out! Many Hollywood stars are always seen on the red carpet …

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15 Super Rich Geeks With The Hottest Wives

If you are not happy with your life then it is better to skip this, these super rich geeks with the hottest wives can make you look like a loser. Hot woman marrying an old, rich, physically unappealing man is nothing new and there is nothing right and wrong. They …

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