Monday , May 29 2017


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8 Things The Happiest Couples Do Before Bed

Your bed should be a place for sleeping, sex and conversation — not for scrolling mindlessly through your Instagram feed. We live in a busy world and between work, kids, bills and other daily stressors, many couples struggle to find time to connect. That’s why it’s so important for couples …

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What to Do if Your Guy Lasts Too Long in Bed

Doing it with an Energizer Bunny isn’t always a good thing. We’re sure you’ve seen tons of advice about what to do to help your guy last longer during $ex (if not, welcome to After all, stamina helps you reach your orgasm before he’s down for the count. But …

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A Guy Explains What it Means When Men Don’t Kiss During $ex

Ask the Guy Next Door: When Guys Don’t Kiss You During $ex Clint Carter shares a revealing peak inside the male brain Does it mean something when a guy won’t kiss you during $ex? —Kate, Baltimore, MD If this is a first-time hookup, he’s trying to keep it casual by avoiding …

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