Tuesday , July 23 2019


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Human Sushi Platter Slaps Male Customer Who 'Groped Her'

Weird video footage shows a ‘sushi waitress’ attacking a man for groping her while picking food off her body. The model was hired by the restaurant to have sushi served off her body in Taiyuan City, China’s Shanxi province. The angry woman can also be seen throwing food at the …

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China's Mind-Blowing Overpass Has Five Layers, 20 Ramps And Eight Directions

Pictures show a ‘mind-blowing’ exchange in Chongqing, China containing five layers, 20 ramps and eight different directions. The new interchange has left internet users in the country confused and also concerned about getting lost at the city’s complicated section of road, reports the People’s Daily Online. Construction of the overpass …

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Trump’s Armada Finally Arrives

Two US warships are carrying out an intense show close to North Korea’s borders after missile launches by Dictator Kim Jong-un. The huge aircraft carriers have joined with Japan’s maritime self-defense force for drills in the Sea of Japan. Days after the US Pacific Command reiterated its ‘ironclad commitment’ to protecting allies in …

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