The clip shared by Dubai Police shows an Arab man holding his chest in pain.

A video of Dubai Police saving a man, who suffered heart attack, is winning hearts across the internet.

The clip uploaded by Dubai Police on December 26, shows an Arab man holding his chest in pain. Soon after a policeman rushes into action, following which an ambulance arrives in no time to provide medical assistance.

The footage was captured on a roadside, flanked by parked vehicles.



Watch Video Above: 

In another video, shared by Dubai Police in October, they carried out a drill displaying their riot management skills.

The clip showed a group of 20-odd men posing as protesters on a street. Within seconds two police SUVs, a drone and several riot control trucks pressed into action.

Policemen were seen moving into position, while another vehicle cordoned off the perimeter.

The next moment, the cops charged at the protesters, and the situation got diffused in no time.