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Woman With Constant Stomach Pain Left Horrified When Doctors Told Her The Cause

This story is a little disturbing, but everyone should at least be aware of it. Michelle Barrow was experiencing some abdominal discomfort. She went to her gynecologist, and during the exam, he discovered some strange hairs. Barrow shared her story in September 2015 with XOJane, a women’s magazine.

The doctor thought maybe the fibers were from a tampon that had gotten tangled with Barrow’s IUD – but no. The doctor ended up pulling out a fur ball! A 2-inch-long ball of cat fur! Barrow and her fiancé have two cats Cricket and Donut.

Like most pet parents, the cats are allowed on the bed. It is likely that the cat’s fur was introduced into Barrow when the got stuck on her fiancé’s penis. Over time, the hairs all got tangled on the strings of her IUD and collected (and collected).

Barrow now makes sure the cats only sleep on the top of the bed and the sheets and that her fiancé has showered before they have sex. So, there you have it. If you have cats and allow them to sleep under the sheets and all over the bed, you may be at risk too!

I imagine that there is a series of other things that could have led to this like the IUD Barrow used.


It is always good to clean the sheets regularly if you do have pets that sleep on the bed anyway. Which is something Barrow now takes more seriously!


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