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25 Intense Car $ex Positions That Will Light Up Your Sex Life

Welcome to the most informative post you will read today. And to be fair, this should be the only post you read today. If you are a human being, odds are that you very much enjoy $ex. And why not?

$ex feels absolutely awesome and it is actually a really good stress reliever. So today, we will happily highlight the 25 most intense car $ex positions that will light up your $ex life!

First up, we have the backseat driver. For this awesome position, simply move the passenger seat all the way to the front. Move to the back seat and have the woman sit there and face away from you.

Next up on the list we have a clever position named the side saddle. For this to work properly, the man will want to sit on the seat and the lady on him sideways. This will allow her legs to have space to stretch.

A pretty creative name is the 90º wheelbarrow. For this, angle the passenger seat as far as back as possible. Then the guy will sit with his knees bent at a 90º angle while the woman lies on you with her upper body toward on the floor.

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