A root canal can be referred as the scariest dental procedures. But, if this new kind of filling procedures works out for you then you might never need another root canal.

When the typical fillings fail the soft tissue at the centre of the tooth, blood vessels and other sort of things get infected and die. And then you start to experience your nightmare with unbearable toothache. Then you need a root canal to save the tooth.

Thanks to the team of scientists from Harvard and the University of Nottingham you might never need another root canal. They have come up with a new type of synthetic biomaterial for fillings that is regenerative in nature. It helps in stimulating the growth of stem cells in the pulp which could repair the damage of tooth decay by itself. This helps in reducing those painful fillings and root canals.

There is no wonder they managed to grab the second place in the materials category of this year’s Emerging Technologies Competition, sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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