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Trying to diet, but foodie at heart? See the despairs

Keeping up with fashion trends or wooing that hot guy, whatever it is, you’ve suddenly planned on dieting. However, deep inside you know how hard it is to get rid of that sweet tooth or rejecting good food.

Here’s a list of 8 miseries of people who try to diet but are foodies at heart.

No to junk food

You are dying to grab a bite of your favorite junk food, but you say no. a day without pizza or the burger is really a day wasted, but can’t help!



Yes to soups and salads

Nowadays you mostly indulge in soups and salads. Aren’t they too bad part of the diet?



OMG! Street food

You try to turn a blind eye to street food. Are they really ditchable?

Veggies! How?

You start searching for recipes to make broccoli (and other veggies) taste good.

A wooden bowl of fresh, steamed broccoli.
A wooden bowl of fresh, steamed broccoli.


What about parties?

Special occasions are loaded with yummy food, and you take the ultimate test of patience.

Decide first

You swear by the quote, ‘A moment on your lips – forever on your hips.’

Slimming pills

You are probably thinking of going on slimming pills. But scared about the side effects.



Calculation time

You count every calorie before having a mouthful of food.

Dear braveheart, more power to you.


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