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PHCC Launches Preventive Medicine, Screening Service

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has launched the pilot operation of SMART, a preventive medicine and screening service.

SMART will be available n Leabaib and Rawdat Al Khail health centres for three months before an evaluation is done and a plan developed to implement the service at all other health centres.

However, this service will only be available to Qatari nationals, aged 18 and above and registered at either Leabaib or Rawdat Al Khail health centres. In the longer term, PHCC plans to open the service to all registered clients across all health centres in Qatar.

The main objective of the SMART checkup is to act as a gateway to full range of primary health care services on offer at PHCC and support the population of Qatar to take steps to maintain or improve their health.

The checkup includes a range of preventative screening for common diseases in the country such as diabetes and hypertension and is designed to help with early diagnosis and treatment. It focuses on identifying common risk factors for ill health so that patients can be supported to adopt a healthier lifestyle to avoid getting sick in the future by accessing PHCC’s preventative care services.

“SMART will support the national public health strategy, which incorporates disease prevention, early detection and surveillance and promotion of healthy behaviours.”



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