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Cardamom Is A Healthy Spice! Know How?

Most of us are aware of the good health benefits of ginger and clove like spices found in India. But do you know that cardamoms too have some health benefits and they are phenomenal? Other than using them in cooking like soup, curry, biscuits and truffles, these green spices are the best in curing some of the physical problems.

How cardamoms are helpful?

  • Getting irritated with the running nose or the common cold? Then have a cup of cardamom tea. You will get some immediate relief from any type of upper respiratory tract infection.
  • You can use this spice to take steam for your blocked nose. Add the spice in some hot water and cover your head with a towel and take the steam.
  • This spice is also helpful for those who have asthma or is suffering from bronchitis.
  • Having antispasmodic value, this spice helps to stop hiccups by helping the muscles to smoothen.
  • In the case of stomach aches or stomach upset, you can take a pinch of this spice in a cup of warm water and drink it. This will definitely give you relief.
  • It is one of the best spices that purify the blood naturally.
  • It can fight against various fungi, bacteria, and viruses.
  • You can get rid of bad breath by a cardamom. Even serious issues like mouth ulcers and gum infection and sore throat can be treated with cardamom.
  • As it has a huge amount of anti-oxidants in it, it helps to prevent your skin from aging. Moreover, the anti-bacterial quality helps to fight ringworms, athlete’s foot, etc.
  • Hair related problems like dandruff, hair fall, dry scalp, etc., can be even dealt with this wonderful spice.

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