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6 Ways How Men Are Destroying Their Sperms Everyday

Fertility problem has largely and widely been associated with females. But the recent studies suggest a whole different and shocking story of sperms. It says that in almost half of the cases, the reason behind infertility is poor lifestyle choices by men. Smoking, for an instance, causes Erectile Dysfunction.

Let us put a reality check into this and see what shocking reveals.

The chemical compound

Bisphenol A is the compound found in plastic bottles and cans which can disrupt the quality and quantity of sperms. The report published in the journal PLOS Genetics says that BPA acts as an endocrine disruptor. There still are some other habits responsible for damages to the sperm count.

#1 Putting cellphone in pocket

The vibrations and radiations coming out of a guy’s cell phone can decrease the sperm count by 9 percent. So, you better keep your phone in the back pocket or buy a case to keep it if you have plans to become a father some day.

#2 Spending time in high temperatures

Your testicles love a temperature 4 degrees lesser than the body temperature to produce sperms. If you are exposed to very high temperatures as a welder is, your sperm count is going to decrease alarmingly.

#3 Weighing overweight

Male fertility gets decreased in case you are qualified to be in the obese category.

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