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Zekreet film city tour

Zekreet film city tour

You will be picked up by our 4×4 vehicles from Doha and drive 80 km to visit the Film City which is mimics the mini Arabic town; traditional mud-brick houses with wooden doors, the town contains small houses, a mosque, plenty of gates and doors and a look-out. A caretaker lives nearby the walled compound once you enter the film city and is very welcoming to the tourists. When you enter the film city The environment gradually changes into something surreal compared to the way you traveled along the dusty trail. With the waves of the Zekreet Peninsula oceanfront view and dusty brow sand changes into nice pale cream sand. The chains of ridges form a tiny valley like structure and the breeze from the ocean will take you to a different world. The remarkable photographic feature is that the piercing rays of the sun are reflected off the rocks and bounce off the waves in the distance regardless of the size of the makeshift canyon. There is also lots of palm trees along the makeshift path into the valley. Travelling into the ramparts, Sandy-colored turrets can be seen in the shielded protection of the palm trees, building roofs and minarets hovering above the tops of the palm trees, forming what looked to be a mirage against the backdrop of the stark landscape. There is a fort with a narrow wooden door inside the valley. The buildings inside the fort were a mixture of randomly packed down rectangular rooms which are clustered in groups around the square, with heavy wooden doors and from the entrance of the rooms shaky poles extend outside.

Duration: 4 hours

Time: 9.00am to 1.00pm (including travel time)



  • Vehicle
  • Water




  • Meals and other services not mention above


What to bring:


  • Camera
  • Sunglass
  • Cap




  • Depending on the bookings we will offer sharing vehicles
  • Please bring a valid Qatari ID
  • Please book your tour at least 2 days before

[email protected]

Date- Aug 08 2016 – Aug 31 201

Place- Doha


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