Tuesday , January 28 2020
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Inspiring Canadian Coach Helps Fallen Olympic Russian Skier

This year’s Winter Olympic games are at present ongoing in PyeongChang, South Korea, and everyone’s eyes are pasted to the television. The Olympics are an exceptional event that brings the world together in a fusion of politics, spectacle and sports. Athletes from countries around the world train as hard as …

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Japanese Etiquette That Westerners Won’t Understand

For outsiders looking in at a nation’s etiquette rules, it can be easy to get culture shock. That’s particularly true when, like Japan, the country is famous for the difficulty of its social rules. Japanese culture prizes harmony and social order, and that focus is replicated in its social customs. Honor-bound: Honorifics …

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Ray Kurzweil Says This Is How Our World Will Change By 2099

According to a futurologist, Ray Kurzweil, whose prophecies in 86% cases are precise is now predicting that our world will get fully changed by 2099. Ray Kurzweil is a famous inventor, author, and a futurologist. He is also famous for his scientific forecasts. He is also employed by the Google to …

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15 Totally Bizarre Festivals From Around the World

We usually join festivals for the purpose of relishing it. From the decorations to the cultural presentation, there is every reason to join such festivity. Apparently, the world is packed with strange festivals such as throwing mud at people or snorkelling through a Welsh bog, to name a few. But …

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This Traveling Couple Makes 6-Figure Salaries Just By Posting Pictures On Instagram

This couple takes adventures together and cashes on them with the help of Instagram. Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen are in love and they are travelling the world together, earning 6 figure salaries by promoting different brands on Instagram. Morris and Bullens Instagram have over three million followers. Their travel …

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