Wednesday , October 23 2019
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Video Shows Huge Hailstones Pelting Down In Savage Storm

Video has appeared showing giant hail stones pounding down Spain during a savage summer storm. The sound of the storm is maddening. Pieces of ice the size of golf balls hammered down during the freak downfall which was captured on camera in the north of the country. Video shows the …

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This Man Caught His GF 'Cheating' With Another Man In Their Bedroom. What He Did Next Is Shocking!

YouTuber Leeshababii recently uploaded a video of a prank she played on her fellow YouTube user and real-life boyfriend Kwesi Bouie. It was the run of the mill cheating prank but she build up to the suspense. The video gained popularity all over the internet due to the dangerous prank she made. The clip shows …

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Boy Looks For His Mom In Heaven And He Dials 911 And The Reaction Of The Police Is Heartbreaking

Losing someone whom you love is definitely not an easy thing to deal with. Especially if you’re a 5-year-old who lost your mother. In this short video, a young boy by the name Jerry dialed 911 because he’s looking for his mother. At first the officer thought that it was …

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Watch: Fake Trump video on Kaaba goes viral

Trump points out at the ‘huge’ crowed that attended his inaugural ceremony captured in a photo A fake video of Donald Trump has gone viral on social media.  The clip shows Trump admiring a massive congregation gathered around Kaaba in Makkah – which has actually been doctored. According to the …

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Distressing footage emerges of mother kicking her baby because she won't stop crying

Distressing footage has emerged of a mother repeatedly kicking her daughter in the stomach as she lays on the ground because she won’t stop crying. The woman was seen throwing and her daughter down a flight of stairs in Guangdog province, south eastern China, and has sparked outrage. The baby …

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Man Whipped to Death for Molesting 2 Year Old Baby (VIDEO)

  Russian rebels filmed whipping serial child molester with electric tables. The militant beating him accused him of being a ‘pedophile child molester’. Tortured man identified as Aleksey Frumkin, 42, from south east Ukraine is said to have done this with other children in the past. Several other Media outlets …

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Watch – Car swept away in Saudi Arabia floods

The authorities urged public to take caution, and avoid going near valleys. Heavy rains have lashed Saudi Arabia for several days, causing severe flash floods throughout the kingdom and at least one death in southern Asir province. Many took to social media to post photos and videos of their cities under …

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Watch: Cricketer drives car onto railway platform in rush hour

A cricketer allegedly drove his car onto the platform of a suburban railway station during the rush hour this morning leading to chaos at the premises, police said. Ranji cricket player Harpeet Singh drove his four-wheeler directly onto the platform no. 1 of one of the busiest suburban stations at …

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