Monday , September 23 2019
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Japan Has Its Own Version of Venice in Kyoto

Want to go to Venice but your budget can only afford Asia? Well head over to Japan instead. Suitably nicknamed “The Venice of Japan,” the sleepy town of Ine no Funaya or The Boat Houses of Ine is the country’s version of Venice. There are 230 wooden boathouses standing on …

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12 Normal Things You Must Not Dare To Do In Dubai

Different countries have different customs and traditions. Things that are appropriate in your country may not be seen as acceptable in other countries and in some cases can even be considered as illegal. Dubai is one of the most sought-after places, located in the Persian Gulf, and can very easily …

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12 Roads You Would Never Want To Drive On

It always feels good to go for a long drive with our loved ones and feel the wind against our face. But sometimes some dangerous roads are less taken for a reason. Just the thought of driving on these dangerous roads will make your car sick! 12 most dangerous roads …

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7 Reasons I Think Qatar Qsuite is the Best Business Class in the World

It’s not uncommon to hear a company describe its new product as revolutionary. “We’re thrilled to announce our revolutionary new premium-economy seat [that’s been in use on other airlines for half a decade].” “This revolutionary design keeps your smartphone charging cable tangle-free.” You get the idea… Qatar Airways’ Qsuite business class? Truly …

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