Saturday , December 16 2017
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Scientists Found Evidence Of Water Close To Mars’ Equator

Scientists have made a surprising discovery on Mars, namely that water-ice appears to be present under the surface in some regions near its equator. The discovery, led by Jack Wilson from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland, was made by looking at old data from NASA’s Mars …

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5.6 Foot ‘Alien Mummy’ With 3 Fingers Discovered In Peru

A group of researchers claim to have found evidence of aliens in Peru, but people are not convinced by their findings. A team of self-proclaimed paranormal researchers said they have found “evidence” of aliens near the city of Nazca, Peru. They found a three-fingered “mummified humanoid” that measures 5 feet 6 inches …

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Are We Living In A Computer Simulation?

Most of the kids grew up playing computer games like The Sims and Sim City, where you got to create and customise families or a massive city. While playing some kids try hard to ensure everyone survived for as long as possible, while others would orchestrate hilarious or downright sinister …

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