Monday , May 22 2017
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If You Can Manage To Live For Another 30 Years You Might Be Alive For A 1000 Years

Yes it totally sounds crazy but it’s real. According to some scientists, we are but decades away from moving into the mind-blowing realms of ‘life extension,’ which could change life forever… We struggle with the concept of our own mortality, because it’s quite difficult for everybody to grasp and are …

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Brain-Dead People Can Be Brought Back To Life For A Week Through Electric Zaps

Scientists were successful in awaking coma patients in order to communicate with their family through ‘zapping’ their brain with a low-intensity current. Two people in a vegetative state, and another 13 in a minimally-conscious coma, showed new signs of consciousness after getting brain stimulation. This could be a huge step …

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Arab Ph.D. Student’s Presents “Scientific Evidence” The Earth Is FLAT In Thesis

A Ph.D. Student has presented a thesis claiming the Earth is FLAT, stationary, the center of the universe and only around 13,500 years old. The thesis was submitted to two assessors, thus passing the first stage of approvals. The idea that the Earth is ‘Flat’ was already debunked by galeleo but for …

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9 Secret Things About Women’s Private Part That Men Don’t Know

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement, so no matter how much you know about things there is always something that is beyond your reach. Now, let us know a few things about women’s private parts that most of the men would probably don’t know. The …

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The Smartest Kid In The World Believes That CERN Destroyed Our Universe.

Max Laughlin, who is the smartest kid in the world to many invented a Free Energy Device that could potentially power the whole world for free, he was just 13 years old when he did that. He is well known globally for his brilliant points and ideas on topics like …

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The Moon coming close to three planets during April over Gazers sky

During April 2017, Qatar resident and all Arabic area countries will be seeing and observing three planets of our solar system near to the Moon. The importance of publish these astronomical events are: – Good chance to can seeing and observing plant with moon together in same time, – To …

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