Friday , January 24 2020
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Dog Waits One Month For His Family To Return, After They Left Him Behind While Moving Out

A family moved out of their home in Detroit, leaving loads of trash behind. They left things like old mattress, pillows, some broken furniture and a loyal, very loyal dog. This pit bull pooch is so loyal, he waited for his owners to return back to him for one whole …

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The Meaning Of These Common Dog Behaviors Will Melt Your Heart!

Dogs and humans are destined to be best friends forever. A dog is the purest soul you can encounter and the most unconditionally loving animal to ever exist. Their loyalty is revered and their affection cannot be topped. The meaning of having a dog as a companion is really deep …

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Do You Think This Is The Prettiest Dog In The World?

Luke Kavanagh always thought his gorgeous Afghan hound Tea was just too pretty to keep at home. He reasoned her beauty, the long black locks, which should be appreciated. But even he was surprised when Tea’s picture he posted on social media was shared 1 million times. “I guess people …

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12 Dogs Who Don’t Understand Personal Space

Pets are the sweetest, because they think they can follow anyone around and stick with them like a shadow. But it gets annoying, I mean there’s something called personal space and dogs definitely don’t have any understanding about it. These adorable dogs sit wherever they like, without a care in …

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