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Miss Iraq, Miss Israel Create A Stir Online With Their ‘Peace And Love’ Selfie

An image of Miss Iraq and Miss Israel posing together caused a stir online. The two models posed  at the Miss International Beauty Pageant in Japan. Miss Israel’s Adar Gandelsman captioned a picture of herself with Sarah Idan saying: “Get to know, this is Miss Iraq and she’s amazing” and …

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Indian Man Declares Himself The King And Makes His Dad The President Of His New Kingdom

“I declare this unclaimed land of Bir Tawil as my country from now to the eternity of time” Suyash Dixit said in a Facebook post. The place he was talking about is an ungoverned land between Egypt and Sudan. The Indian national travelled from India in order to become the …

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Tanzanian Woman Opens Up About Her Ordeal In Oman And UAE

Domestic workers have become soft targets in many countries and stories of their struggle is only increasing. In countries like Oman and the UAE, domestic workers who flee their abusive employers could be charged a hefty fine and sent to prison. Basma is another lady who tried to escape from …

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Woman Put For Sale By Her Kuwaiti Husband

In a shocking incident, a Kuwaiti man tried to sell his wife for $650 to his friend. The wife brought the issue to the notice of the police, claiming that she was being forced into unethical acts in exchange for money. She received a phone call from her husband, asking …

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Duo’s Joke Kills A Friend In Abu Dhabi

Two workers were charged for the death of their friend when one of them ‘jokingly’ pushed the man into the sea. The Criminal Court of First Instance heard the incident, the Asian men had gone to the beach for swimming. When they got out of the deep water and stood …

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Authorities In Saudi Arabia Arrest 2 Men Dressed As Women

Cross dressing isn’t tolerated in Saudi Arabia and in most of the Other Arab states and anybody indulged in the act are punishable. Recently, police detained two young men who were roaming around in a shopping center in Buraidah. They were dressed as women wearing Abayas. The police were informed …

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Omani Female Students’ Graduation Day Dabbing Creates A Stir On Social Media

A video of two female students dabbing after receiving their graduation certificates in Oman’s Al Sultan Qaboos University went viral and sparked a debate. The act of the students was termed inappropriate in several Arab countries, as it is seen as a move that encourages drug use. The move was …

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8 Year Old Bride Dies To Internal injuries On Wedding Night

Though there is an age limit for marriage in most of the countries around the world, a few Muslim countries ignore the age of the girl. A proper age is necessary for not just mental maturity but also physical. However, in this case the age of the girl was never …

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Man Marries A Student, Teacher, Supervisor, And Principal Of The Same School In Saudi Arabia

Polygamy is legal in Saudi Arabia and men can marry more than one time, the only obligation is to treat all the wives equally without any favoritism. However, the women who are married to a same person should have a friendly relationship among themselves to make sure the family is …

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Saudi Father Goes Out Looking For A Girl For His Son. But Ends Up Finding One For Himself

Polygamy is common in Saudi Arabia and there is no dearth of good matches for people to get married multiple times. But, this news is rare. A father recently visited a home to find a good match for his son, but he ended up getting married with the elder sister …

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