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99% of Saudi Cinemas Will Look Like London And New York Cinemas

The chairman of Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment (GEA), Ahmed Al-Khatib, confirmed that the cinemas will be back in the Kingdom. However, the news had mixed reactions, while some welcomed it, others were not happy with the decision. The cinemas were banned in the 1980s and people have not been allowed …

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Nurses Imprisoned For Producing Fake Degrees For Saudi Visas

In an inspection conducted by the Saudi Ministry of Health, it was identified that many of the nurses recruited through reputed manpower firms in New Delhi and Manila had some issues in documents provided. The agents had forged or tampered with the experience letters in order to get the jobs. …

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Saudi Arabia Orders Media Outlet Not To Concentrate Too Much On US’ Jerusalem Move

Saudi Arabia has ordered media outlets in the country not to focus too much on Trump’s Jerusalem move, according to the sources. Meanwhile, Saudi court sent a ‘severe warning’ to bosses of newspapers, television and radio stations this week about the issue which has sparked outrage across the Arab world. …

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Prominent Saudi Cleric Slammed For Keeping Mum On Jerusalem

Prominent Saudi cleric Sheikh Mohammed al-Arifi has been criticized for focusing on simple issues like the permissibility of wiping socks before prayer and maintaining silence on Jerusalem issue. “Jerusalem is lost and you are talking about socks,” one commented on Sheikh Arifi’s socks tweet. Other were upset because Arifi posted what appeared …

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Saudi Arabia Revokes Ban On Cinemas

Saudi Arabia officially lifted ban on cinemas on Monday as part of Crown Prince’s social reforms, which are looking to transform the ultra-conservative kingdom. “Commercial cinemas will be allowed to operate in the kingdom as of early 2018, for the first time in more than 35 years,” the culture and …

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Three Kuwaiti Women Arrested After Having ‘Fun’

Police have arrested three young Kuwaiti women and are on a look out for their three lovers, who reportedly had ‘fun’ inside an apartment in Mahboula after the men got the girls drunk, robbed them and escaped. The search for the men started when a young Kuwaiti was having fun …

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Saudi offers Abu Dis as future capital of Palestine

Saudi Arabia has offered Abu Dis as the future capital of Palestine instead of East Jerusalem as a proposal for a peace initiative, which has sparked outrage. Activists are sharing their views by starting a new hashtag under the name “Jerusalem is our capital” in response to the Saudi proposal. …

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Two Years Prison For Helping Illegal Expats In Saudi Arabia

Saudi authorities warned that SR100,000 will be charged along with 2 years imprisonment for those who help illegal expats in Saudi Arabia. The announcement was made by the spokesman for the Madinah region police, Maj. Hussain Al-Qahtani on Monday, and is part of the Saudi government’s ongoing “Nation without Violators” campaign. The …

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Mystery Buyer Of  Da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi’ Revealed

The art world was surprised when a mystery buyer paid a whopping $450.3 million for an original Leonardo da Vinci painting ‘Salvator Mundi’ during an auction last month. It was a record purchase, beating the previous record of $179.4 million paid for Picasso’s ‘Women of Algiers’. Coming back to the …

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MBS’ Selfies With His Countrymen Break The Internet

Saudi residents were shocked and surprised when they saw Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) casually looking around the archaeological sites in Madinah. As expected people rushed to take photos with the young leader and he readily obliged, the images became the talk of the town and went viral. The …

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